Chamonix Massage | EQUILIBRIUM

Ruth Martin, Sports and Restorative Massage Therapist (BTEC L5) presents EQUILIBRIUM – a one-stop Chamonix Massage & Well Being collaboration to optimise your body and mind’s performance and wellbeing, whether for mountain sports or everyday life.

Every body is different, and, with a focus on fascia therapy, biotensegrity and integrative anatomy,  Ruth Martin’s massage treatments are adapted uniquely to you, whether you want a technical sports massage, total relaxation treatment, deep tissue massage, myofascial therapy or hot stone massage.

Equilibrium Massage & Wellbeing emerged because we think and work holistically and scientifically. We address the whole, integrated, continuous, self-supporting, self-sustaining structure of a human body (& mind). And so, we have set up comprehensive wellbeing packages of massage, yoga, PT, nutrition and psychology coaching in Chamonix, each tailored to the individual needs, or to the wellbeing goals of an event or a corporate group.

Mobile Massage or Clinic Treatments in Chamonix Valley

In-home massage, as well as Performance & Wellbeing packages featuring yoga, mindfulness, nutrition & fitness, is offered in the privacy of your home, chalet or hotel anywhere in the Chamonix valley. We also have a treatment room based in Les Houches and can offer venues for corporate wellness.

(t) +33-783-72-63-76               (e) massage@equilibrium.fitness