Hot Stones Massage

Hot Stones Massage | Geothermal Equilibrium

The Equilibrium Geothermal Hot Stones Massage, incorporating muscle-warming massage with smooth, heated basalt stones along with flowing Swedish massage and deep tissue techniques, is Chamonix’s ultimate relaxation fix for the body and spirit. Relaxing and restorative, the heated basalt stones penetrate the muscles, allowing knots and tensions to melt away while the soothing massage unwinds the mind.

Qualified in  La Stone Thermal Energy Massage, Ruth Martin also offers contrast treatments: hot basalt  & cold chilled marble stone massage.

For the La Stone inspired Geothermal contrast treatment, chilled stones can be integrated within the hot stones treatment to aid healing & leaving the body feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The chilled stones can actually feel hot when combined with warmer stones… Ideal after high intensity physical activity, senses are mesmerized while aches are relieved. Once you’ve tried an Equilibrium Geothermal Massage, whether for sports recuperation or zen relaxation treatment, you’ll never go back!

Equilibrium Geothermal  & Hot Stones Massage:

  • Ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation for body and spirit. You are massaged with the stones themselves
  • Geothermal Contrast Massage – heated basalt stones allow warmth to penetrate muscles and relax the body while the chilled marble stones stimulate circulation and relieve inflammation
  • Classic Hot Stone Massage incorporates the heated stones within a full body Swedish Massage.
  • Your senses are mesmerised while aches are relieved.

(Prices: 1hr ~ 150€ / 1.5hr ~ 210€)*

EQUILIBRIUM Reservations – To book a professional (UK-qualified) massage with EQUILIBRIUM in Chamonix, please call Ruth Martin on +33.783.72.63.76 or email Please book your massage appointment at least 24 hours in advance. Short notice bookings may be possible so please call +33-783-72-63-76.

* EQUILIBRIUM Travel – Sessions of 60 minutes (1h) or less will attract a 20€ travel fee unless booked as part of a multiple sessions amounting to 75 minutes or more.

EQUILIBRIUM Massage Packages – We can tailor a package of massage, movement and wellbeing treatments to fit around your sports programme, holiday, trip or lifestyle in Chamonix. Please email for bespoke packages.

EQUILIBRIUM Cancellations – Cancellations are subject to 50-100% payment of the original massage fee, depending on notice given. Peak week cancellations require 72hr advance notice. Regular weeks 24-48h notice.