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While it feels intuitively beneficial to book a relaxing massage – western psychological, neurological and medical science is gradually understanding why.  Clinical studies show that a professionally delivered, moderate pressure Relaxation Massage is effective (more than light pressure massage) in reducing pain symptoms, improving mental health, boosting the immune system. Functional brain imaging studies show that a fully body massage or back massage of moderate pressure (e.g. Swedish Massage) correlate with changes in the places of the brain that regulate emotions and stress responses -e.g. the hypothalamus and the amygdala.

For the body and brain to truly relax, massage is one of nature’s best tonics!

Ruth Martin has experience of working with clients from high stress environments, with symptoms of nervous tension and anxiety, witnessing first hand how massage helps to relax, rebalance and restore a person.

Equilibrium Relaxation and Restorative Massage:

  • A restorative, holistic relaxation massage, involving moderate, soothing pressure, accessing deep tissues gradually where required or wanted and alleviating pains, stresses and tensions through Swedish Full Body Massage Therapy and Moyfascial Release techniques
  • Whole body massage, back massage, shoulder massage
  • Working gently with breathing and awareness of feelings
  • Supporting mental relaxation

(Prices: 1hr+ ~ 125€ per hour / 45mins ~ 100€/ 30mins ~ 70€* )

Equilibrium Indian Head Massage:

  • Fully-clothed, seated treatment involving shoulder massage, neck massage, head massage and face massage
  • A gentle but powerful treatment that’s really relaxing, de-stressing and relieves tension across the whole body
  • Will leave you feeling floaty and amazing

(Prices: 30mins ~ 70e / 45mins ~ 95e)

How can an Equilibrium Relaxation Massage help?

  • Improves attention, enhances emotional mood and reduces physiological tension
  • Reduces anxiety and alleviates stress – by activating the “rest and recovery” parasympathetic nervous system
  • Decreases pervasive levels of stress hormone, cortisol
  • Relieves chronic pains and symptoms of fibromyalgia/ rheumatoid arthritis
  • Boosts immune system – by increasing levels of lymphocytes
  • Aids improvement postural and movement patterns – freeing restrictions


EQUILIBRIUM Reservations – To book a professional (UK-qualified) massage with EQUILIBRIUM in Chamonix, please call Ruth Martin on +33.783.72.63.76 or email Please book your massage appointment at least 24 hours in advance. Short notice bookings may be possible so please call +33-783-72-63-76.

* EQUILIBRIUM Travel – Sessions of 60 minutes (1h) or less will attract a 20€ travel fee unless booked as part of a multiple sessions amounting to 75 minutes or more.

EQUILIBRIUM Massage Packages – We can tailor a package of massage, movement and wellbeing treatments to fit around your sports programme, holiday, trip or lifestyle in Chamonix. Please email for bespoke packages.

EQUILIBRIUM Cancellations – Cancellations are subject to 50-100% payment of the original massage fee, depending on notice given. Peak week cancellations require 72hr advance notice. Regular weeks 24-48h notice.

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