Benefits of Massage

Benefits of Massage Therapy | Massage & Health

Neurological, psychological and physiological science show that there is such a thing as healing massage. You may book an “anti stress massage” or a “back pain massage” because your gut instinct tells you it will help. Evidence shows that, when it comes to wellness massage is a vital aid to:

  • boosting physical and mental performance
  • stress relief
  • pain relief
  • improving sleep
  • protecting the immune system
  • reducing blood pressure
  • easing inflammation
  • enhancing brain function
  • enhancing general well being

Deep Tissue Massage Benefits

Deep Tissue Massage is about easing pressure gradually into the fascial restrictions on various planes of the multi-dimensional body, from superficial fascia to deep fascia and deep muscle bellies. External manipulation of soft tissue creates gradual physiological change – (e.g. reducing tissue viscosity, increasing biogenesis of new mitochondria to stimulate muscle repair, etc) –  inducing a corresponding relaxation, which:

  • relieves fascial restrictions
  • restores muscle strength and flexibility
  • improves posture, power and energy

If you feel relaxed, stronger and physically more confident then psychologically you will be happier and calmer: Massage can help deliver all of those benefits.

Whatever your goal – massage for pain relief, massage to ski harder/ run straighter/ ride stronger, massage therapy for stress reduction,  or wellness massage to simply relax and enjoy being yourself – EQUILIBRIUM offers Ruth Martin’s massages in Chamonix and beyond, as well as wellbeing packages tailored for you. Get in touch to book your treatments. Email Equilibrium or call/WhatsApp/SMS Ruth on +33-783-72-63-76