EQUILIBRIUM – Massage, Fitness, Yoga, Health

Developed from sixteen years of running a successful Chamonix massage practice, we bring to you Equilibrium Massage & Wellbeing: Ruth Martin’s concept of collaborative wellbeing in Chamonix Mont Blanc, the French Alps mountain-sports capital.

Equilibrium Massage & Wellbeing is a concept inspired by the latest science of integrative physiology and psychology, neurology, fascia, and biotensegrity, where we understand the human body as one continuous, self-creating, self-emerging, self-supporting structure. Therefore, our approach to massage is as a means to helping your body (& mind) be its best.

With this in mind, Equilibrium brings together top-end professional therapeutic massage and fascia-therapy, alongside Ruth Martin’s network of movement, psychology, & nutrition professionals in Chamonix. Our aim is to optimise your Performance & Wellbeing.

We can arrange massage and wellbeing services in Chamonix for groups and corporate events, or for individuals.

If you’re based in the valley of Chamonix Mont Blanc or surrounding Alps, consider booking your wellness experience with Equilibrium Massage & Wellbeing.  Whether you want a package of fitness and flexibility or a chance to recalibrate your mind and body, let Equilibrium deliver therapeutic massage treatments and integrative bodywork packages. Because, we are dedicated to help you achieve greater balance and optimal condition.

Call/ SMS/ Whatsapp +33-783-72-63-76 or email massage@equilibrium.fitness to discuss your needs for integrative massage and movement treatments!