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Ruth Martin is a qualified (BTEC Level 5 Diploma) Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist as well as a Deep Tissue Massage Therapist and a qualified iMFT practitioner (Integrated MyoFascial Therapy / Myofascial Release) and Trigger Point Therapy. With a particular fascination in the roles of fascia (connective tissue) and fascial restrictions throughout the body systems, her continuous professional studies focus on integrative anatomy and biotensegrity, applying her learning and understanding to her deep tissue, sports massage and myofascial release therapy.

Whether it’s a massage for runners, skiers, bikers,  massage for tired legs, or deep tissue massage therapy to address long term restrictions, Equilibrium offers expert technical massage in Chamonix valley and beyond, addressing your own specific body structure & movement patterns as relevant to your own sports and lifestyle. Incorporating myofascial release, soft tissue release, neuromuscular techniques, trigger point massage therapy, post-isometric-relaxation “stretching”, thai massage techniques, pre and post race treatments, an Equilibrium Sports Massage:

  • Aids postural improvement and addresses muscle imbalances
  • Reduces muscle/fascia restrictions & tensions
  • Supports injury prevention
  • Reduces muscle fatigue and DOMS (Delayed-Onset-of-Muscle-Soreness)
  • Improves flexibility
  • Improves tissue function, physical performance and mental wellbeing

(Prices: 1hr+ ~ 125€ per hour / 45mins ~ 100€/ 30mins ~ 70€* )

To book a professional (UK-qualified & french insured) massage with Equilibrium in Chamonix, please call Ruth Martin on +33.783.72.63.76 or email Equilibrium Massage

Professional athletes and mountain sports professionals: Please contact Ruth Martin directly for pro-rates.

When not to book a sports massage:

Remember a sports massage is sub-clinical and non-diagnostic, so for any acute injuries, whiplash, spinal damage, you should always seek professional medical/clinical help. For physiotherapy in Chamonix and medical treatment of sports injuries, Equilibrium Massage recommends the legendary Olympic-sports physiotherapist Neil Maclean-Martin at La Clinique du Sport, Chamonix.

Ruth Martin Massage Reviews:

“[Ruth] has the unique ability to read my body and give me the treatment I need” – Stephanie Marie Howe.

Feel free to read our massage reviews, to help your decide to book with Equilibrium Massage – Chamonix.